We offer made-to-measure training programs employing a communicative teaching approach.

  •  timetable, location and number of students according to the client’s needs

  •  small groups or one-on-one classes

  •  preparation for specific needs

  •  preparation for official examinations

  •  consultancy services and made-to-measure courses

The consultant will visit you to establish the students’ level and needs, the course program objectives and the start date.

One-on-one or group courses.

  •  English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish for foreign employees ….

  •  languages of the member states of the European Union


Help students to achieve confidence and fluency, which in turn enables them to engage successfully in their professional activity in the language being studied. Our language programs are also intended to adapt to each student’s timetable, provide course content adapted to the students’ needs and, through a rigorous selection proceudre, employ trainers with the right profile to achieve optimum results.

Promote learning through the teaching of languages in a familiar environment (without having to travel to a school’s premises) in one-on-one or small groups. Encourage learning by using an active and communicative methodology, activities, fun exercises and the most modern tools available on the Internet.

Prepare the foundations for a good command of the language being studied by teaching grammar, standard expressions, general and specific vocabulary as well as aspects of the culture of native speakers of the language and learning strategies in general.

FAQ- Frecuently asked questions

1. ¿What is the recommended number of students per group?

We recommend small groups to encourage more effective learning.

2. ¿How are the students assigned to different groups?

Students are normally orally level-tested. (It takes about 15 minutes per person)

We use both the Council of Europe or TOEIC level system.

We recommend using the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages as many jobs are adevertised with these levels. The level tests do not have any additional costs.

3. ¿Does the price include materials?

If we use photocopies, we would ask to use your machines to make the copies. Books are charged apart.

4. ¿What is the best place to teach the classes?

If possible, it is much easier to teach classes in a meeting room with a white board and a PC.

5. ¿How many hours should I study per week to get the best results?

A minimum of 2 hours/week unless you want to do an immersion course.

It depends on how much time you have available. We recommend studying between  3-4 hours a week in two 1.5 or 2 hour sessions, unless you have to learn very quickly.

If your company wants to apply for state funding please get in contact with David Merkler at