We offer In-Company language courses tailored to the needs of a modern enterprise. Emphasis is placed on speaking and oral skills without forgetting, that in the context of daily business activity, it may be very useful to be able to improve ones written skills to effectively communicate via email and messaging services. All our classes can be subsidized by rebating Spanish social security payments via the “Fundación Tripartita”.


We undertake oral level tests before you start a course to get to know your level and  needs as well as the company’s training program objectives. The English language level tests are conducted  by Mr David Merkler ,  founder of the company, who has more than 25 years experience in Spain of “In-Company” language training.

Why study with Language Services?

Because we offer a solid guarantee based on a well thought out service and we know what we are doing.

  • We’ll manage the  paper work on the Fundación Tripartita website so that you’ll get the social security rebate on training programs if you want.
  • Our teacher selection policy provides guarantees. We select trainers on the basis of their experience and educational background, but above all people who fit in the company environment.
  • Because we teach what you need for your work and specifically for your job (attending meetings, negotiating, receiving visits from abroad, answering phone calls etc.) in those situations in which our students find themselves.
  • Because you´ll gain in confidence when it comes to speaking the language you have chosen to study.

A message to HR professionals.

At Language Services, we like to think that we are providing  more than just language training –  we are providing solutions. And we know that  Human Resources (HR) Managers value those who provide customized and effective solutions to their specific needs.

Whether all or some of your employees need to learn languages or not, a good employee expects to get some sort of incentive for his or her work. If you want to retain those employees, you had better encourage them or they will end up going to another company.

Everyone wants language classes? Answer: No, but many people enjoy learning languages and it is a way of showing that the company wants to invest in its most valuable asset: its employees. And this knowledge of languages normally ends up being of great benefit to the company’s activity.


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